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The main aim of our basements is to create more space within your home, without the difficulty and disruption of moving house.  Additionally, if you do decide to move in the future, basements are a huge way to add value to your property, as well as creating space within a home.  

All of our basements are structurally waterproofed, meaning they are secure and dry. Basements are often ‘below the water table’, causing susceptibility to extreme hydrostatic pressure from surrounding water; which creates leaks and splits.  This problem is overcome by managing any access to water using hidden drainage systems that work parallel with structural waterproofing membranes – thus reducing the pressure on the basement walls, creating a warm and safe environment for any purpose.

Our C.S.S.W registered Project Manager has over 20 years of experience in the industry of Basement Waterproofing and will take full design responsibility for all the Waterproofing detailing of your Basement. All works will be carried out to BS8102 which is the British Standard for the Waterproofing Industry and can be covered by an Insurance backed Guarantee if requested.

As well as waterproofing your Basement, we can also offer a full retrofit which can include electrics, flooring, underfloor heating, kitchen or bathroom installation, and decoration, giving you a standard finished room.

We predominantly use Delta Membranes and Koster waterproofing products which offer complete protection from groundwater ingress and contaminates. All our installers are Delta registered and undergo regular training at Delta Membranes to keep up with the latest product innovations.

Basement Waterproofing is the generic term for all methods of Waterproofing used to keep basements/cellars dry. A Type C Cavity drain system is installed to manage water seeping into the property, moving it away to a pumping system.

  • Excavate and install a pump chamber
  • Excavate and install a perimeter drainage channel
  • Mechanically fix the wall membrane
  • Repair/make good the flooring around the pump and perimeter drainage channel
  • Install the floating floor membrane with finishes over
  • Mechanically fix the batons over the wall membrane
  • 1st fix electrics and plumbing (if required)
  • Plasterboard and skim finish
  • 2nd fix electrics and plumbing (if required)
  • Decoration (if required)

As the pumping system is at the heart of your Basement, all pump installations require an annual service or maintenance program which can be arranged with Basements at Cedar Designs.  All pumps are fitted with an alarm system which can also be WiFi monitored with alerts sent by text or email.

If you have a project requiring structural waterproofing please contact us to talk to our Waterproofing manager.




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